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Hello friends I’m Utpal from Today in this way I’ll teach you how to create a professional and beautiful micro job and freelance website like Fiverr freelancer and Now this website that we’re gonna create in this article has all the important features and functionalities that a professional micro job website like Fiverr must-have. Let me explain to you now this is the exact same website that we will be creating in this article, this is the same exact same website now what makes this the perfect micro job website let me show you all the important features .now first of all what happens in a freelance website any freelancer who has some NOC skill who can provide some service they can come to your website and they can click on this button poster M job .which stands for the micro job and obviously, there are already so many different categories created as you can see for copywriting lifestyle logo design digital marketing  SEO web analytics so many different options. I have also created a category for WordPress so you know just like fiber comm so if a freelancer comes to your website and clicks on this button poster M job a poster job .they will see this page now here they have to choose with any one of these plans now three different plans are available standard + & Pro in the standard plan they can submit for jobs as you can see here and this will cause them five dollars let’s go back then in the plus plan as you can see they can post 15 jobs and this will cost them ten.

dollars now obviously this is optional if you want to keep this process free you can disable this thing I’ll show you how we can keep this process free now if someone wants to post any job they can select any plan so in this example let’s select this plan standard plan they will select this plan nowhere they will have to enter the job detail like what is the job name or what is the price of the job and in how many days they can deliver this shop for example if it is a logo design in how many days they can complete this logo and deliver it to the customer so they will type in that date they will select the category in which category their service Falls then they will also describe this thing then they will add some images in the category if they want they can also add some extra services. I will explain to you everything in detail don’t worry I’m just showing you a quick demo of the exact same website that you will be creating in this video then after that, they will the opening message I’ll show you where this opening message will be displayed and after that, they will click on save next step they will have to make the payment so they can make payment through PayPal they can make payment through cash is basically you will give your let me show you if you select this option you will provide your banking details and they can transfer that money to your bank account so this option is also available we also have a credit balance system so if a person wants they can have some balance in their system.


they can have some balance in their wallet in their Evol it and they can spend from that we’ll see how that thing works now suppose they select cash they will select cash then after that they will get all the bank details as you can see bank name my FAC code account number whatever detail you want to provide you can provide those details and after that they can make the payment then their website or then their job will be displayed on your website now let me come back to home page so this is the home page that we will be creating now in the home page first of all you have the header at the top at the left hand side you will see your logo at the right hand side first of all you have this option this Bell I can when you click on that you can see all your notifications then if you click on this option you will see all the different messages so whenever you receive any message from your clients or from someone else or from the admin you can see those messages over here then we have already seen this button and after that you will see some more details like dashboard claims my profile in all those thing if you click on dashboard you will see everything Oh your first of all happens on the front end the customer or the seller don’t have to go they don’t have to go to the dashboard or they don’t have to go to the backend to do these things to create a new listing to manage listing to manage claims they don’t have to go to the backend everything is happening over here and the front-end now acelin the front-end they will see how much money they have in their account how many sales they have done all the different statistics if they have placed any order they can see the order detail or if they have received any tasks for example they created this job

and someone applied for this job that will display under tasks we’ll see how this thing works so this is the dashboard then under this option we also have some more options like you can see your invoices you can see your jobs that you have created you can edit this job you can pause this job if you are not you know you’re no longer providing this service you can just pause this job so he can do a lot of things from here then you can also control this thing like payment method so when how do you want to receive payment so you can enter your bank account details so you can enter your paypal email address you can also see your revenues and everything so this is the dashboard forty seller or for the freelancer now again let’s come back to the home page then after that we have our menu as you can see this is your menu we will display different categories so here then we have our first section so in this section you will see this is your title subtitle then after that we have a nice and beautiful search bar so here it says I am looking for and whatever you’re looking for WordPress developer logo design you can type in that thing and click on search then as you can see it will automatically display how many micro jobs are available so it says there are 30 different micro jobs available then we have different categories like 2d design banner ads business card all the different designs or all the different categories are available then again when you scroll down you will see the latest micro jobs now these two are latest so if you don’t select any feature image this is the default featured image that will display then when you scroll down you will see the my account section and I at the bottom you will see your photo now let me open a single job so this is how a single job will look like so a seller has created this job now let’s see this website from a customer perspective so a seller has created this job I am a customer I’m looking for a logo designer so maybe I see this profile I see they’re in a portfolio I see the description right read their description I read all the reviews that people have posted maybe I want to select this thing so if a customer want to hire this  freelancer


they can click on this option claim the same job but they will get a different option because we are logged in as a seller we are getting different option and they can also get some extra services like with this logo design if you also want like 3 different unique logos you can select this thing then you will have to pay some extra money as you can see so some extra features are also available then we have the opening message over here then we have the detail about this seller ok who up about  the freelancer if you want you can also see the profile of the freelancer how many reviews that freelancer has now once you apply this job you will get into a private conversation with this freelancer then you can have with live chat I’ll explain you I’ll show you how that thing works you can have a live chat you can explain to that person how this thing works and also you can see the time of delivery over here is two days so as soon as you claim this thing or as soon as you approve this thing this a new timer will start ticking so within 24 hours or within 48 hours that person has to submit you or they deliver you that particular project and when they deliver the project and if you like this project after that this transaction will be settled now once the transaction is settled that person the seller or the freelancer will see that amount in their dashboard oh here under balance now from this balance some certain Commission will be deducted for example you’re the website owner and you can deduct maybe ten percent so ten percent from this account will be deducted

this ten percent will be credited you in your account and that rest ninety percent will be credited in the freelancers account so this is how this complete process works now obviously there are many different features and there are many different things that I want to show you related to payments related to packages purchases many different things but we’ll see that later on in this video right now I just wanted to show  you the demo website at the beginning so that you guys can decide whether you want to watch the complete tutorial or not now if you liked the demo epsilen if you want to create this professional micro job freelance website make sure you watch the complete tutorial and before proceeding further make sure you guys subscribe to the channel click on the bell icon so that you don’t miss any future notifications now throughout the video if you have any doubts any comments and assertions for me you can leave them in the comment section below if you find this video helpful please give a thumbs up to this video and share it with your friends on Facebook Twitter whatsapp any social media platform that you use or I guess now let’s start creating this website or I guess now to create any kind of website where they’ll be a freelance website an e-commerce website a simple blog a business website membership website any kind of website we need two basic things a domain name and a hosting account a domain name is simply the name or the URL of your website like nyesha com all these things are different domain so we also have to register domain name on the internet so that whenever someone wants to visit your website whether someone wants to know reach your website they can type in that domain name in the URL bar and they can land on your website now the second and the most important thing about a website is the hosting account a hosting is basically a computer where in your website is saved so this entire website that you see on a screen all the different categories all the different drops all the different listings that are created all the different pages.

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